Our aim is to be become one of the most admired brands in the education sector and help young aspirants make their dreams come true through quality teaching, technology-enabled systems, and commitment. We believe that the hard labor and efforts of children require the right channel to blossom into success stories. We aim to train more such hardworking and bright young minds towards their goals by producing double-digit all India top 100 rank holders. With our clear-cut, straightforward result-oriented strategy, we are nearing towards that dream every day.

At Unison Institute, we have a dream to be a force to reckon with, and this dream is not just for us but for our students as well.

Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Commerce Coaching in Pinjore


Our mission is to create an environment of academic excellence enabled by modern pedagogy and technology to impart quality education to students aspiring for the best engineering, medical colleges of the country through personalized learning schedules, individual attention, top-notch teaching faculty, and the best educational infrastructure. We strive to inculcate in our children an analytical bend of mind, critical thinking, and an undying curiosity, qualities which we believe help in nurturing successful lifelong learners and not just toppers of entrance exams or colleges/schools. Our teaching methodologies and curriculum are designed to clear out students’ doubts and instill conceptual clarity right down to its roots to establish a firm foundation of academic excellence.



Student First- Whether you are starting from the bottom or already geared up to ace your exams, we make sure that no student is left behind. We carefully work with each student through one-on-one interactions to recognize his/her needs, understand the learning style they respond to the best, and chalk out a plan accordingly to bring out the best in them. There’s no dearth of resources and assistance for students at Unison.

Hard Work- Hard work is the mainstay of success and glory here at the Unison Institute and in life as well. All we demand from students are their relentless and dedicated efforts to nurture them into remarkable toppers.

Accountability- Our results speak for us and we take utmost care towards the education of the students.

Passion- The Unison philosophy believes in working towards your goals with a vehement passion and zeal as they are the fuel that drives your success.

Employee Care- Our faculty is our biggest asset. No stone is left unturned to address their needs. We make sure they are regularly updated with the latest developments in the field of competitive education and academia.

Integrity- With integrity, a strong sense of right and wrong, and living by your principles – these are the things that define the path to your dreams and make your achievements worthwhile.

Teamwork- Everyone at Unison Institute is part of a big family where we build each other up with the right guidance, support, and counsel that empowers students to work hard and reach out for their dreams.




UNISON stands on a strong pool of well qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals who are passionate about teaching. The faculty team chisels the potential of students into success by serving as a guiding light.

Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Commerce Coaching in Pinjore


An introduction of UNISON System to Parents & Students

Orientation Session is our first introduction to parents and students. The session aims to brief the parents about UNISON as a system, as a community, as a family, and as an ultimate place where dreams are turned into reality. The conclusion of the session ensures that the parents are well aware of the UNISON System and that their child has now reached safe hands and would emerge as a winner in the race of life.


Eager To Set Benchmarks, From First Bench to Last

The sessions in Classrooms begin with prayers that impart essential values and will to the students for making the best use of their skill.

Our air-conditioned classrooms are enabled with a world-class public address system and unique document viewer camera. Advanced teaching is done with the help of multimedia and animations.

Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Commerce Coaching in Pinjore


Genius is Mastery of Doubts; not Absence of Doubts!

Teachers clarify the concepts and remove the doubts of students in one-to-one interaction with the students. The success of students depends much on how their doubts are removed and clarified – UNISON stands proud of is extensive, well-planned, and student – satisfying doubt removal sessions.


Examine your Weakness, Enhance your Knowledge, Excel in Results

Periodic tests are taken at regular intervals to give ample practice to the students, so that they learn to respond promptly to tricky questions, within the defined time frame. We also provide:

  • Multidimensional Performance Analysis
  • Result Processing and Displays
  • Support for Communication of Results to parents & students
  • Faculty Feedback System
  • CBT – Computer Based Test
Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Top Coaching Classes in Pinjore


Discuss your Performance Get the tips, Prepare to Compete

At UNISON, PTM stands for parenting through Mentorship. We hold PTM session during the year where the mentors & faculties discuss the progress and performance of students with their parents and guardians.


Motivational Sessions to Build an Aura of Positivity and Passion

Positive Energy in Action, Energizing for Future

In open session, the top performers of the periodic test are awarded ‘Saraswati Silver Medal’ by the end of each session. Students overflow with enthusiasm to attain never – before heights in their life.

Top 10 Coaching Centres in Pinjore
Top 10 Coaching Centres in Pinjore


The Joy of Celebration, Excitement with Positivity

Celebrating Today, Creating Tomorrow

“Powered with Enthusiasm, Showered with Blessings”

Students are honored with full zest in a memorable daylong celebration, graced by eminent dignitaries and the UNISON family.


A Unique Platform Where Toppers Shares and Reveal the Secrets of Success.

Toppers share the motivation and factors behind their success, valuable exam tips, and preparation strategies with current students in a formal face-to-face gathering. The students get to know about their experience of preparing and succeeding first hand. These sessions serve as a great learning experience for aspirants preparing for exams.

Top 10 Coaching Centres in Pinjore
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