Best Coaching Centre in Pinjore

The three circles here can be seen as a symbol of mutual support. The circles are linked uniquely and cannot be separated showing the strong bond and base Unison as a company has. The middle ring shows working in unison (in sync) successfully. And the arrows in the typography suggest years of success and moving forward.

This soothing green gradient is chosen because it’s the symbol of balance, prosperity, freshness, and progress.

The orange gradient is for enthusiasm and creativity. It encourages emotional energies of compassion, warmth, and passion, happiness, and understanding.

These two shades of grey are chosen because they complement well with each other and both the gradients and also stand for balance.


Unison Institute was born out of a need and passion to bring a fresh wave of technological innovation and a new perspective within the competitive education sector. While pursuing his MBA during the 2009 recession, Jatin Arora was compelled to rewrite how education was imparted to young engineering and medical college aspirants. Seeing how children from Pinjore traveled long hours to Chandigarh to attend their coaching classes, Mr. Arora felt that there was a wide gap within the education sector in Pinjore which needed to be filled with quality teaching, excellent learning programs, flexible timings and ease of learning that make education interesting for students and not a burden. Thus, Unison Institute was born in 2009 with a strength of 80 students.

In its initial years, the focus was on 9-12 standard students with 20 students in each batch, but as the brilliant work of our faculty and students bore results, Unison Institute gathered more steam in its 2nd year. We achieved our first major landmark success in 2012 when we produced our very first District Toppers in the CBSE Examinations. With a clear and unwavering focus, the strength of the institute doubled in 2013-2014. Specialist teachers with years of experience were hired to teach students for IIT-JEE, teachers who were well-versed in not just entrance exams, but the CBSE syllabus as well. With concerted efforts and a can-do spirit, Unison Institute has emerged as a premier coaching center in Pinjore and the adjoining region with quality teaching at its forefront.

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