UNISON was founded to offer students in the region the best chance to attain their goals. It has been, indeed, extremely satisfying that not only have our students achieved pinnacles of academic excellence, but we have also been recognized by schools, students, and their parents as one of the leaders in the courses that we offer.

We are delighted to see the tireless efforts of our faculty and the excellent results, the zeal, and delight with which our students approach their studies and pursue their goals. The aim of every one of our faculty members has always been to inculcate a positive approach to learning in our students.

We hope to continue to serve the community with the continued successes of our students. On behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank you for entrusting your children to us in their most crucial years.

Best wishes for a bright future.

Pankaj Arora (FOUNDER)
B.Arch. (CCA)

Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Best Coaching Institute for NEET/AIIMS

Dear Parents / Students,
In this era of changing environment of coaching for engineering and medical entrance with continuous improvement and implementation of new guidelines and syllabus, students often ask, “What is the right strategy to achieve success?”

To answer this I say that neither can you reach the top of Mount Everest in one day nor can you directly jump to it. The right strategy is to move forward step-by-step in the right direction.

When every thought and your every action is directed to your ultimate life goal, you become unstoppable and assured of great success. We, at UNISON, work as your friend, motivator, and guide to unfold your full potential and lead your way to success.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to the family.

All the Very Best!!


To be successful, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with a busy schedule, next to impossible. But the best part is, the more you accomplish, the more you’ll want to do, and the higher you’ll want to reach. So as long as you have the hunger for success, you will always have the power within you to achieve it.

We, at Unison Institute, are committed to providing quality education in a highly competitive, congenial, and healthy environment along with the best infrastructure. We infuse exemplary skills that are demanded from the students to be successful in IIT-JEE, NEET, and other major competitive examinations.

First and foremost of our strengths include an esteemed faculty with proven track records in IIT and medical entrance coaching. The output of our faculty’s teamwork is an innovative curriculum that helps to mould our students’ inborn intelligence at the highest possible level. We attempt things that could change your life in general and career in particular. Our faculty is always willing and ready to help any student at any time. We lend everything that helps the students to excel in their careers.

B.Sc. / M.Sc. / B.Ed.
Gold Medallist from Panjab University

Commerce Coaching in Pinjore
Top 5 Coaching Centres in Pinjore

As I reflect on my term as Strategy Head, I am pleased with the many milestones we have achieved over the last few years with the dedicated faculty and staff. UNISON also underwent an external review, yielding findings that provided insight for priorities, and recommendations that will fuel our motivation to continue with our great work. Over the last year, our team has embarked on an extensive planning process to set goals and strategies for the upcoming years by building on our past achievements and addressing areas for improvement.

We are delighted with the selections of our students in the most prestigious colleges of India by securing excellent All India Rankings. We are proud of them and wish to help more and more JEE and NEET aspirants to succeed.

I always believe that each one of us can shine in whatever pursuit we undertake. Our faculty is there to mould your desire, dedication, and determination to the path of success.


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