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A Message for Students

Dear students,

We are living in a world full of immense opportunities, but to grab them, one cannot avoid the fierce contests going on. After completing the primary cycle of education in your schools, now you have reached that important stage of your life where you have to choose the right career for your future. So go ahead, choose a career for yourself, and strive earnestly to make it a reality. If you have chosen Engineering/Medicine/Pure Sciences as your prospective, career then early efforts must be made to succeed in them.

Engineering is probably the only career option that requires early concerted efforts to qualify for the highly prestigious examinations of this field like IIT-JEE, BITS, etc. To ensure admission into these institutions, you have to be among the top five thousand students of the country. It may sound difficult, but a lot many students like you are successfully competing in these exams through the right guidance and proper management of their time.

Remember that the first step towards success is “dream”, and to realize that dream, we must have a strong belief in our dreams, the right kind of skill, a solid plan, and a strategic approach to executing the planWe provide quality education under the galaxy of highly experienced and well-qualified faculty. Students have put in their trust in us year after year, and we have developed symbiotic relations with each one of them. We are proud of their accomplishments.

A Message for Parents

Dear parents,


We would like to begin by expressing our gratitude for the trust you have placed in UNISON. This is a Golden Age of Career Education, for education is not just about preparing for exams, it is about preparing for life itself. At UNISON, the true aim of education is to impart value-based knowledge to students.

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and we are happy to be working with you to make sure that they are equipped with true knowledge to face the challenges in their careers. An important role UNISON plays to this end is by synergizing our energy and experience with the enthusiasm and intelligence of this generation of Achievers.

The talent and the energy which our students’ possess need to be nurtured, shaped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in the career, but the best in their lives. In this way, we hope to support not only individuals but also the entire society from which we all benefit.

We wish you a very rewarding experience at UNISON INSTITUTE

Best Regards



  • Comprehensive Study material
  • Interactive Teaching Approach
  • Doubt Clearance Sessions
  • Regular Tests, Assignments, and All India test series
  • Computer Based Test
  • Competitive Atmosphere with Personalized Attention
  • Nodal Batches to further sharpen performance of students
  • Excellent & Experienced Faculty
  • Proven Selection Track Record
  • Parent Teacher Meetings
  • Exhaustive Question Banks
  • Well – defined Academic Student Journeys
  • Motivational Sessions
  • Disciplined and Focused Learning Environment
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